Hot Tub
Our Curve Spas have changed the definition of a hot tub. Why have a conventional spa when you can own a Curve Spa by Coast Spas? The sleek and stylish raised back design gives you protection from the elements as the acrylic shell comfortably wraps you in its warmth, offering both privacy and shelter. You can watch, hear and feel the true benefits of the curved design with our Exclusive 24” Waterfall. Accent the mood with one of the many LED lighting options that will brightly illuminate this stunning water feature.
Curve Spas come standard with a pressurized commercial-grade Hydro Cyclonic Filtration System®, plush headrests, large water features, Self-Cleaning Sweeper Jet and much more.
Our Curve Spas feature a 7” Frosted Light Dome (Luxury Class), Plush Headrests, Beverage Holders, Anti-Slip Textured Floor, Ergonomic Multi-Level Seating, Large Footwells, a Luxury Filter Grate and Programmable Filtration.

Our Curve Spas